Customer care is our priority and caring for you includes the way we handle the cleanliness, disinfection and sterilisation of the equipment we use on a daily basis to treat you. Our latest investment is the new dedicated sterilising room at Long Buckby Dental – designed to eliminate any possibility of infection or contamination to the clinical areas.

All our equipment is sterilised after use using procedures that comply with Government guidelines. Used equipment is moved from a clean sink into a washer/disinfector machine and then checked before being put in to the auto-clave (which cleans by sterilisation) and seal packed for the next patient.

All equipment is linked to our main computer so that we can check progress at each stage of the cycle.

We recommend that you always check your dental practice has this facility.

We are delighted to showcase the new branding for Long Buckby Dental. We hope you agree that this conveys a warm, friendly and modern approach – everything we aim to do as dentists.


Long Buckby Plus and private patients will soon be having their x-rays handled digitally thanks to a new machine that has been ordered by Long Buckby Dental. As well as cutting down the time for the treatment the new system will link directly in with our new software to lodge the x-ray results against the patient’s dental records.

At Long Buckby we are determined to provide the most up-to-date tools and equipment to ensure that every trip to the dentist is as quick and effortless as possible. Our new digital x-ray machine is a further step towards this aim.

Long Buckby Dental is delighted to announce the arrival of our new computer system. With the ability to connect reception to our surgeries we can now announce patient arrival on screen so that the dentist knows who is waiting and the system will make an electronic call to the waiting area for the next patient. The software enables us to have patient records on screen ready to view and update during an appointment and the dentist can transmit instructions for check out directly back to reception. The software also offers the ability for us to send computer generated reminders and recalls, saving time and paperwork and ensuring patients are offered every opportunity to come in for routine check-ups. This new system represents an investment in efficiency for the practice – which will benefit patients and staff alike.