Now that sylvia has returned to work we have recruited a new member of staff. Ellie has joined the Long Buckby Dental Team as a qualified dental nurse. Check out her biography to learn more about our latest addition.

Sylvia's has decided it’s about time she should return to work after talking an extra month off than she’d original planned. She’s really enjoyed the first 4 months being a mummy to her baby daughter, who I’m sure you’ll hear all about the next time you’re visiting us!

Both Sylvia and Andy are now using the Wand, it gives you anesthetic without the big needle and virtually eliminates the numb mouth that you get with conventional anesthetic injections and its pain free.

Ask about using the Wand next time you need treatment.

Andrew McSweeney has now been with us for 6 months, doesn't time fly when your enjoying yourself. He now has an established NHS patient list and is looking to take on more patients on one of our DenPlan programmes.

Ask Andrew about converting to DenPlan next time you have an appointment or just call us on 01327 842815 and to talk to Jo. DenPlan is probably a lot less expensive than you think and it has many advantages over NHS>